In August of 2012, Beatsmedia UK announced the results of their annual ‘Best Vocalists’ Poll, Growing bigger and bigger, with the amount of votes rising to great heights, the poll turned out to be a great reflection of this year’s most popular singers, vocalists, and songwriters, within dance land.

In collaboration with the popular EDM website Beatsmedia UK, we’re now proud to present the official ‘Best Vocalists 2012’ pack, with tracks by each of the 50 vocalists featured in the poll! It doesn’t only include the stunning ‘These Days Are Ours’ single of the no.1 vocalists on the list, winner Emma Hewitt, but also brings you the haunting, touching and powerful vocals of Susana, Ana Criado, Christian Burns, JES, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Sarah Howells, Jennifer Rene, and the number 1 most voted for new comer, Tania Zygar.

Its time for you to explore the voices behind your favourite tunes and find out that there’s no instrument more intriguing than the human voice.

Release Date : 14-10-2012
[Armada Music/ARVA]