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1.    Tell us please something about you, about your music.

An Iranian Music Producer, Dance muSic Aritst & Dj
I started music when I was child , perfomerd many concerts with local bands and arranging pop music when I was a teenager. but after a while I found my way in the industry for few years.
my taste is totally different from what i'm making right now !!
I'm a big fan of Vangelis, Jean Michael Jarre and Pink Floyd altought i'm producing Trance, Progressive and house stuffs !!


2.    Is electronic music important for music scene in Iran nowadays? Tell us please some music projects from your country.

Persian pop music gets the biggest number of listeners here.You can find so much electronic sounds in our pop music but you can't call them  Electronic dance music, because of the style and vocals or many other elements !!

At the momment I'm working on a few different projects for Iranian singers.Some of them live here in Iran and some live abroad most of them will release their songs in Los Angeles-Persian market .


3.    What music style Iranian people prefer? What do you think about trance?

Ummm .. it's difficult to say !!
The main genre is POP and persian classic-traditional music but not international.
trance isn't a crowd-pleasing music in Iran,instead of that iranian producers always use trance elements in their arrangements and at the end they make a pop style music not real trance or house !!
you know people always listen to commercial music which they watch on the TV,usually top music videos.
R&B and Hip Hop is the most popular internernational music here.Otherwise there's no CD or Vinyl store,no events and concerts of international musicians,in this manner the only source is internet and music channeles on who should knows what's the high-minded music or  insignificant music.


4.    Are you important for electronic music scene in Iran? What are you doing for this scene?

Well,I wanna get people into the true way of trance, progressive and house.You know, Rome wasn't built in a day !! it takes time .
As we don't have any club or bar here, it's a complex for me to make it happen, althought I'm trying to find real listeners and electronic music fans to introduce the tunes to their firends for building our iranian electronic community center.
we shouldnt expect so much from trance music in Iran cuz I'm the first and only iranian dance music artist who sales his records into international market. i believe we have so many great upcomming producers in the near future, so let's see what will happen next.


5.    You made vocal song with Josie. How did you meet her to make this song?

I've contacted Jaren's manager, "Indah Artist Management" and they really like my rough version,so after a few days Jaren wrote the lyrics and she told me wanna put her sister "Josie" on the song !!
By reason of not having josie in L.A, we had to wait for her travel to los angles for Vocal recording session and Matt Cerf did it so cool,
actually, that was a great deal for me to work with this professional Trance Music Team on my first trance song !!
Ive gained so much success on this release and many great feedbacks from big names and trance listeners too.


6.    You wrote on your myspace, that this song will have another mix from Manvel Ter-Pogosyan. When it will be released? Maybe some next remixed release of your track? Because Jorn van Deynhoven made another remix, and I think it could be released because it sounds really great.

Yup right, we have Manvel's version too, Flashover Recordings started promoting these 2 remixes
jorn's version supported by "Armin Van Buuren" in "A State Of Trance 428", Manvel's version under his Alias "Amurai" supported by "Ferry Corsten" in his "Countdown 127"
by the way, Tritonal's mix was on "A State Of Trance 420" and the original mix in "Countdown 112"
i don't know  about any release date yet !!
all remixes are totally different from the Original, I'm so excited cuz by this all types of trance listeners will enjoy it.


7.    What can we expect from you in the future? Some new vocal tracks?

Well,I just signed my new song "Don't Be Afraid" which I  performed the vocals with "Vintage Records (a sub division to Monster Tunes)" under my "Masoud Fuladi" alias. now we're making the remix pack and will be released on CD (incl. Genix and Static Blue Remixes).
At the momment i'm working on my new single under "Masoud" alias featuring another Los Angeles based artist "Laurie Mannette". it sounds like "Leave It All Behind" because of my progressive elements and very nice lyrics from "Jaren" and also Matt Cerf's vocal recording.


8.    What kind of music do you like? Tell us some specific producents.

Actually I don't listen to dance music too much, I like Country, Pop, Dance & Rock Music,something that bustles my mind or get me free from everything around me!!!!


9.    Write please your actually top 5 (not only trance tracks)

Top 5 musics that I have ever heard:
1 - Vangelis - To The Unknown Man
2 - Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
3 - Jean Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fielde
4 - Vangelis - Conquest Of Paradise
5 - The Beatles - All My Loving

Dance music top 5:
1 - The Doppler Effect - beauty Hides On The Deep (The Blizzard Intro Mix)
2 - Ferdy & Matt Van Wyk - Miami 8 06 (Original Mix)
3 - Medina - You and I (Deadmau5 Remix)
4 - Masoud feat. Josie – Leave It All Behind (jorn van deynhoven)
5 - Trancedellic - Delicious Dreamer (Aerodynamic Club Mix)


Date : 06-12-2009

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