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Masoud Soars Into The Spotlight

As trance music continues to spread its wings across the continents, there is tremendous growth of interest in this genre of music in Asia and in the Middle East. Touted as the next party centrals, artistes and promoters are flocking to fulfill the explosion of demand at clubs and festivals this part of the globe. As the scene develops, comes a new breed of producers out of the usual European staple.

Masoud Fuladi is an Iranian producer who has surged onto the scene this year with his brilliant remix for DJ Eco’s “Staring At The Sea” and his original tracks “Leave It All Behind” and “Blinded.” Earmarked as one of the producers to watch this year, he has the tendency to turn everything he touches into gold.

We caught up with Masoud to discover his beginnings and current ventures into the industry.

Masoud, we are extremely pleased to be speaking with you today. How are you and where are you currently?

The pleasure is all mine! I’m doing well. I live in Pahlavi Harbour (Bandar-e Anzali), it’s a lovely small town at the south of the Caspian Sea in Iran.

We do not know of many producers from Iran. Is the dance music scene developing there?

Yes, but it’s a little bit complicated. I know a bunch of producers who are working hard to raise the standard of their sound to get signed to labels. Rome wasn’t built in a day – so it takes time. However, many Iranian artistes have achieved international success outside the country. It’s an honour to continue to make music here at home, but I may have to migrate in the future. As there are no clubs or bars here, it’s difficult for producers and listeners to understand what real dance music is. I’m working on finding EDM fans to introduce tunes to their friends, and eventually we can develop an Iranian EDM community. I believe there will be more upcoming producers in the near future.

How did you get into making trance music?

I’ve always loved listening to EDM and new age music. ATB’s album No Silence made me a dance music lover! My favourite artistes are Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Alan Parsons and many other. Moving pads with emotional rotations of arpeggios and melodies are the best elements of dance music for me. I really wanted to continue making music the way Vangelis has. I researched a lot to get the best music skills for myself, and raising my sound to the right standards was the biggest objective for me. The only downside is that I have to make a track that climbs really fast and captures the attention of the industry for me to make a name for myself. But after I achieve this, I hope I can really accomplish the sound that I set out to make. I love trance because it contains a lot more emotional melodies, a huge range texture, and great combination of digital and natural sounds.

“Leave It All Behind” was the track that really got you a lot of attention. How did this collaboration with Josie come about?

I contacted Jaren’s manager, Indah Artist Management and they really liked my instrumental. Within a few days, Jaren wrote the lyrics and she told me wanted to have her sister Josie record the vocals. But Josie wasn’t in LA, so we had to wait for her to travel to LA to record the vocals. Matt Cerf helped with this, and he did it so well. It was great for me to work with this professional team on my first trance release. I’ve gained so much success through this release and received a lot of great feedback. Jorn Van Deynhoven, Tritonal, and Amurai made 3 awesome remixes and all of it were totally different from the original. It was exciting to have a wide spectrum of listeners appreciate this record and the remixes.

We absolutely love “Blinded” featuring Laurie. When will this be released?

Thanks! It’s been signed to Ferry Corsten’s Flashover label and he just introduced it on his radio show, Corsten’s Countdown. We’re now searching for the best remixers to make it a great package, so the release date will be announced soon.

Your remix for (DJ Eco) Pacheco’s “Staring At The Sea” took a great approach to an already fantastic piece of music. What has been the response been to this track?

I had great feedback from many DJs and also listeners. It was supported by Ferry Corsten and Above and Beyond, and it peaked at #12 on the Beatport Top 100 downloads.

Tell us about some of the other notable tracks that you’ve produced.

Well, I just signed my new song under my alias Masoud Fuladi. It’s called “Don’t Be Afraid” and it features my vocals. It will be out on Vintage Records (a sub division of Monster Tunes). We’re currently working on the remixes and it will all be released on CD (including remixes from Genix and Static Blue). Also at the moment, I’m working on 2 remixes for Tasadi (Lost Language) and Dave Emanuel (Arisa Records).

What do you hope to communicate through your music?

People tell me that the lyrics in my music transports them to a different place. I try to use my music to communicate peace and love, with every beat. I don’t know how successful I’ve been with this, but I will keep trying.

Will there be a Masoud tour coming up? What are your plans for the rest of 2010?

I’m hoping to sign with an agency to make this happen. I guess I have to release more original material and remixes to establish my presence in the scene first. For the rest of 2010, I will continue to promote “Blinded” and “Don’t Be Afraid”, and start producing my third single, which will be slightly different.

And how about a full blown album?

I will start work on my debut album after 3 successful singles.

Who are some of your favourite artistes at the moment? Is there anybody you would like to collaborate with?

Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Faith Hill, and Pink Floyd are my favorite artistes ever for me. I also like The Blizzard, and M6.

Any chance you’ll be in Asia soon?

I would love to, and as soon as I secure an agency, I hope to come there.

And lastly, any words to your fans reading this.

Thank you all for your support and I promise to keep making great music. Your feedback from “Leave It All Behind” drove me to make “Blinded.” I appreciate all the positive energy!

Date : March 16, 2010

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